The Art of Creation

Immergetevi nell'apice del lusso e della raffinatezza con i nostri occhiali creati con estrema cura.





Unique in history, shape and essence

One of a kind Pieces

Each pair of glasses we showcase is a unique piece, the exclusive prerogative of its owner, an ambassador of his/her individuality.

Precious Materials

Each of our glasses is created from carefully selected woods that guarantee quality, history and uniqueness to the product.


Our glasses are completely handmade with the craftsmanship of a product made in Italy

Exclusive Design

Each pair of glasses conveys a look that is elegant, sophisticated and never ordinary.

Our Philosophy

We believe that details give life to our uniqueness.

Uniqueness that often becomes the expression of our personality, our history and our ambitions.

That's why, in order to satisfy our customers, we imagine, design and remodel each of our frames to create a product that is unique in its genre and history.

With selected materials, Italian-made design and exclusive colours for each of our creations. Just like the look, personality and history of those who appreciate, choose and wear them.

The Latest Creations

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