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Are the pieces limited?

Each FILIPPOGALLETTIDESIGN creation is unique and unrepeatable, in fact each piece is numbered and carries a seal guaranteeing its uniqueness.
Each of them is released on the artist's own design and will no longer be reproduced, even the models that come out of the various collections are limited editions and once they are all released they will no longer be available.

Are the glasses once sold then re-sold?

In order to maintain originality and differentiate its products, FILIPPOGALLETTIDESIGN only makes unique pieces, so once an article is sold, it will no longer be made.

Can I request customisation or made-to-measure glasses?

Sorry, but we do not do customisation or custom-made pieces. Each creation is an exclusive invention of the artist according to his or her own conception and creativity.

What materials are used in the production of your glasses?

FILIPPOGALLETTIDESIGN uses only carefully selected materials according to high standards of functionality and aesthetics, the aim being to make each product come to life as a work of art.
In the current collection, wood is predominant, of the finest woods, in combination with precious metals.

What does the warranty cover?

The guarantee, which lasts two years according to European standards, covers any design defect attributable to the company.
The latter will solve the problem by replacing the defective item with another one or with a refund following the return.

Can I replace an article if I don't like it?

Yes, it is possible to return the item free of charge within 15 days from the date of arrival without giving reasons.