Our Essence

From a workshop comes our imagination, which is founded on our ambition to improve.
Improving our products and with them the perception of those who observe, choose and wear them.
We are proud to help people show their uniqueness to the world through unique glasses.
Thanks to handcrafted Made in Italy creations that stand out for the care taken in every detail, in every brushstroke of colour, in every step of the production process.

All this allows us to offer unique creations on the market and worldwide.
In fact, no two glasses will ever be the same, and each piece will never be reproduced with those same veins,
with those same nuances and that same essence.
This is what allows us to make our customers stand out, to help them give voice to their uniqueness and to inspire them to live to the fullest the challenges they experience day after day with a product of which they are and will be the only owners.

Who We Are

The brand was born from Filippo Galletti's passion for design, craftsmanship and the desire to give voice to his own uniqueness.
A passion handed down from grandparents, craftsmen of yesteryear who brought to life the scent of wood, the importance of quality materials and the values of painstaking work.

From an early age, in fact, he began to immerse himself in that reality full of scents, sounds and ideas.
A reality that he did not yet know would take hold in his life but that was already beginning to leave its mark and stimulate his creativity with his first creations.

Today, years later, the first products are born, the result of many years of experimentation.
But above all, it is the fruit of that great passion that we have decided to offer to those who want to distinguish themselves in order to give voice to that uniqueness that each of us has and that we believe should be expressed with exclusive, singular and unrepeatable details.

The result is a hand-finished pair of glasses that weighs only a few grams, a unique and inimitable object that can tell the timeless charm of a land of culture and beauty.

From Tradition, The Excellence

The vision and realisation of our glasses are daughters of the Italian manufacturing tradition.
The design finds inspiration in the timeless charm of a land of culture and beauty, the workmanship draws lessons from the great craftsmen who have brought Made in Italy to greatness.

Here, technology is put at the service of the human hand and eye.
The technique, as in ancient workshops, is handed down by experienced masters who guide new talents and craftsmen in those arts and crafts that have long been the glory of Italian creativity. 


Our Mission is to create rare experiences that elevate the senses.
To do so, we carefully select ideas, valuable elements and production techniques to produce powerful products,
sophisticated and carefully modelled by a brilliant vision on a natural, living element.
The final effect embodies an uncompromising balance of form, function and elegance.

Our Models

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You can find us in

Castiglione della Pescaia (GR)

"I Rigattieri" Via V. Veneto 4/6

Grosseto (GR)

"Arredamenti Montecchi M.G.M." Via Orcagna 43

Dubai UAE

Bon Building 204 Abu Shangara City | Sharjah