Le Creazioni


A model that aims to bring out true elegance, that which is created with naturalness, with spontaneity that becomes style, enhancing and making our personality stand out.



Appeal is not just aesthetics. It is the product of our ingenuity, the agile, unpredictable moves of our talent. And with this model with delicate but marked curves, we want to emphasise our actions that turn opportunities into challenges, ideas into goals and objectives into reality.


When class blends with determination, an irresistible harmony takes shape.
This apparently simple yet sophisticated model is ideal for those who want to assert their style in an elegant yet never banal way.


Extravagance is a tool for exploring ourselves and offering others an opportunity to see the world through different eyes.
This square-shaped model is ideal for those strong, determined people who turn what they believe in into what surrounds them.

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You can find us in

Grosseto (GR)

"Arredamenti Montecchi M.G.M." Via Orcagna 43

Castiglione della Pescaia (GR)

"I Rigattieri" Via V. Veneto 4/6

Dubai UAE

Bon Building 204 Abu Shangara City | Sharjah

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